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0.8.0 ft. "Firing Squad"

![Firing_Squad.jpg](BASE/products/205270618/changelog/15536/inline-5dc55a05ed2af8e0b6d8c9029446a946.jpg) This release supports the data contained in the rulebook "Firing Squad", so you got a lot more weapons and also support for weapon modifications. There also have been several bug fixes and minor improvements in this version. ## Story COM6-88 Support weapon modifications COM6-118 Include modifications in the item description ## Task COM6-95 Better list cell for modifications - they are too large COM6-116 Wizard Page for Qualities misses an "ALL" selector COM6-143 Improve logging for missing translations COM6-156 Colorize cost in quality cells to indicate positve or negative qualities COM6-159 Layout improvements on Wizard page with rules ## Bug COM6-94 When cancelling creation of a freshly created character in the same session, an exception occurs COM6-137 Continueing chargen and than cancelling again creates an exception and prevents opening char until next restart COM6-138 Character names in overview are not updated when char is renamed COM6-140 Selection dialog does not present choices from variants COM6-145 Remove Z-Zone and AAA-Zone as lifestyle qualities COM6-146 In the character overview, trying to add an action skill opens the language skill selector COM6-154 Karma gained by qualities is always shown as 0 COM6-155 Leaving a char in career mode using the Back-Arrow does not work COM6-157 Forbidding Initiation/Submersion during chargen had no effect COM6-158 Android: Menu-Button does not react on "About" page COM6-160 Wrong Karma cost for Hooder (6WC p.137)