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0.7.0 (Alpha 2)

Originally this release should feature online functionality (creating accounts, synchronizing charatcers), but I shifted focus on the feature of a new character generation system. ## New & Noteworthy * **Point Buy**: This version supports the character generation using the Point Buy generation rules from the 6WC * **COM6-109**:You can now select chemicals for gas grenades and rockets * COM6-111: Character tiles now have a button to open the character directory in a file explorer. This should help if you want to find your characters XML files. ## Bugfixes and Improvements * COM6-108: Previous versions had an error that lead to a missing information in freshly created characters. That has been fixed. * COM6-107: Workaround for opening older characters that miss information what generation rules were used for the character (see above) * COM6-104: Choosing aspected skill has no effect