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Tech Preview 4

## New & Noteworthy * More metatypes/-variants/-sapients have been illustrated (Centaur) * Implemented an error dialog (the "Glitch Bitch") that can provide additional information * Implemented career mode for skills * Lifestyles: Adding/removing lifestyles is now possible * Career: Implemented the rewards (Karma, Nuyen, ...) feature, to be able to level up the character. No database of adventures yet. * Standard PDF: Rewards page active again ## Bugfixes and Improvements Some minor changes: * Changed the way "heat" is stored in the character. This leads to formerly characters being not parsable anymore. Just delete the line with "" from the XML. * Standard PDF: Printed firemodes and ammunition is now displayed correctly * Standard PDF: Vehicle pools are now calculated * Standard PDF: Layout improvements for monitors and the gear list on page 2 * About Page: Added some more information * Basis Data Tab: The section for attributes is now smaller, depending on selected mode * Character View: Some tabs are now hidden, when they don't apply to character (e.g. spells for mundane users) * Added some missing calculations for derived values * Fixed a bug with PACKs that continuously added the elements of the PACK again with every character change * Fixed a bug with default accessories being duplicated * Fixed a bug when assigning PDF files to products, when the memorized last directory doesn't exist anymore ## Known Bugs * During my tests I encountered some situations where a refresh of the content failed. Often going back and forth in the assistant or changing something helped to trigger a refresh. * **Android**: * Warnings from character generation require too much space and push the navigation elements out of the screen (on phones) * Character saving does not work. At least characters don't survive uninstalling and reinstalling the application. * The card for a created character grows permanently (No clue why - only on Android) * Exporting to PDF does not work * The whole character screen you see when you leave the assistant or re-open a character is not really functional (or better: some sections are, others are not) * While some derived values and effects from qualities, gear, powers ... are taken into account, most are not. That is not really a bug, but not yet implemented. * The Matrix tab is unfinished yet